"No more home maintenance", says Elliot Rowsey, "particularly snow removal and deck maintenance." However, Elliot, an outgoing retired educator, said that the main reason he chose Hillside Village was "the social opportunities and camaraderie." He looks forward to continuing his active lifestyle with new friends and neighbors without the distraction and pull of home maintenance and upkeep. The fact that his financial advisor stated "It's the best gift he could give to his children" and was fully supportive of his move was the reassurance Elliot needed.

- Elliot Rowsey

"We love the Keene area and all it has to offer," says Doug Nelson about his and wife Jean's decision to move to Hillside Village. "Don't assume you cannot afford it; look closely at the value and see if the numbers work for you. Think about where you will be in five or ten years and the challenges you may have." Additionally, Doug and Jean take comfort in the fact that their daughters can be assured their parents are happy, safe and cared for today and in the future. When asked what they were most looking forward to at Hillside Village, they responded, "All of it!"

- Doug and Jean Nelson

"The Hillside Village team has been so helpful and friendly as I've planned my move," says Gay Betz. "As I grow older, I want a comfortable and secure lifestyle with a friendly and exciting social community." Hillside Village is just what she had been looking for. Among other worries, the year-round maintenance responsibilities of owning a home were weighing on Gay. "They will no longer be my responsibility, and this is very important to me, " she adds. "What's more, it gives me a great sense of peace knowing that when I need it, my health care is guaranteed."

- Gay Betz

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