This is your time and Hillside Village Keene is your place.

What have you always wanted to try? Here’s your chance to try it!

Your open-minded, forward-thinking attitude and adventurous spirit have no plans to retire because you have so much more you still want to accomplish.

So take those cello lessons. Learn glass blowing. Go back to college. Take a hike. Learn the art of woodworking. Volunteer your talents. Read a book from cover to cover. Watch a foreign film with subtitles. Don’t put yourself off any longer. The perfect place to nourish your soul is now ready to welcome you: Hillside Village Keene.

Come experience our brand-new, 66-acre, stunningly beautiful senior living community of doers, thinkers, planners, helpers and dreamers. We aren’t worriers because we know we have access to Lifecare—health care for life—as a Life Plan community. We are shaping this wonderful, new Village of ours. So, while our chef and culinary team prepare your meals, and the happily obliging staff takes care of your maintenance and chores, go surprise yourself. Feel butterflies in your stomach again.

We know you want to. Would you like to learn more? Call ​us at 603-476-3101 or click here to request more information online.

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